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The Whois Checker on WebTools Nepal is an online tool where you can get information about the domain who registered the domain name, its update date, and other various valuable information.

 WHOIS is a query and response protocol frequently used to access databases that list the registered members or assignees of Internet resources like domain names, IP address blocks, and autonomous systems. However, WHOIS is also used to access databases that hold a wider variety of other data.

This is a very easy-to-use whois domain lookup tool. 

As a developer or an online businessman/woman, it is important to keep a record of your rival's websites as well. And for this, Whois Checker is an ideal place. The whois database stores a huge amount of information about the registered names though not all domain name is displayed. Some are hidden for security purposes as well.

How do I use this Whois Checker tool?

To use this tool, you can easily paste the website URL in the dialogue box and enter the "Get WHOIS Data" button. Then the tool will give you information about the domain date, name of the register, registration date, etc.