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The Link Analyzer Tool is an online link analysis tool on WebTools Nepal where you can easily analyze which anchor link the webpage contains and break down the links into two types external and internal. 

External links are those that lead to a different website or domain, and internal links are those that are part of the website itself and are contained in the URL's HTML content.

To use this link analyzer tool, just enter the URL in the mentioned box and press the "submit" button. After this, the tool will automatically give you the information about the total links, internal links, external links, no follow links, 

Why use the Link Analyzer Tool?

The link analyzer here in WebTools Nepal analyzes the links of websites for free. Using this tool you can easily:

  • See any outbound links on your page
  • Total links on your website
  • Total internal and external links on your website

Overall, This Link Analyzer tool on WebTools Nepal is an easy-to-use and helpful tool for knowing the total links on your website.